Electronic Container Corporation

Semiconductor and Silicon: Your first choice in cost effective wafer handling solutions. Products include FOUPs/FOSBs, SMIF pods, wafer carriers, wafer shipping products, Photomask/Reticle carriers and boxes, and cleanroom bags.

Solar: Solar Cell Carriers, Shipping Products, Custom Cassettes and Cleanroom Bags.

Forth-Rite Technologies

RF Based end point detection, excursion monitoring, and chamber matching.

Gold Tech Industries

Semiconductor: Reflectors for epitaxial reactors; Gold plated parts for all equipment.

Silicon:  Leader in plating reflectors for epitaxial reactors.

Heateflex Corporation

heateflex_logo-2017In line, insitu and bulk DI, chemical and gas heaters; infared or resistance heat, constant temperature and quartz baths.

PCT Systems, Inc.

PCT’s products, designed and manufactured in Fremont, California, include tank fabrication and electronics and generator manufacturing.


CMP conditioning products:  Disks, Bars, Pellets, etc.